Batman vs Superman, the Battle of Beliefs and Justice

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Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice has already come out for a long time, and many fans are speculating what will happen next? While waiting for the next entry, it is quite interesting to look back and see why these two great heroes ended up fighting each other. Batman and Superman, both are mostly seen as close friends, but now they fight each other in the name of their own justice. Though in the movie we already know that Lex Luthor was partly responsible for this fight, Batman and Superman must already have some sort of tension or disagreement beforehand. Thus, by making use of this disagreement, Lex Luthor successfully led these two heroes into lethal battle. And so, let’s find out: Batman vs Superman, the Battle of Beliefs!

But before going to the main topic, let’s have a quick summarize about what happened in the movie.

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Summarize 

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice took the timeline after the Man of Steel in which Superman fight against General Zod. One thing important to note in this timeline is that Superman and Batman were not acquaintances yet.

   The Cause of Battle

The movie started nearly 2 years later after the catastrophic battle between Superman and General Zod. Even though Superman achieved victory against Zod, the damage dealt to Metropolis was too great that Batman couldn’t ignore. To Batman, Superman might be the hero at the moment but he could be a dangerous threat in the future. Believing in his cause, Batman prepared a battle-suit and retrieved Kryptonite to fight Superman. Meanwhile, Superman was summoned to a Congressional hearing in question to his action since there are many citizens blamed him for the bombing.

   Batman vs Superman and the Aftermath

batman vs superman
Batman and Superman facing each other in a great combat (Source: Internet)

Lex Luthor also carried out his plan. He captured Lois Lane and used her to lure Superman in a fight with Batman. In this battle, Batman won, but later on realized Luthor’s true motive. Batman then went on to save Martha who was held captive, while Superman encountered a creature born from the DNA of Lex Luthor and General Zod with Kryptonian technology. Superman and Batman joined force to fight against this creature, along with the help of Diana Prince (also known as Wonder Woman).

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Despite the three’s effort, they couldn’t defeat the creature. Superman finally came up with the idea that both of them had the same weakness. Therefore he used a kryptonite spear and stabbed the creature, but the creature also stabbed Superman at the same time. The creature was defeated, but with the cost of Superman’s life.

Though Superman was seen dead, at the end of the movie there was heartbeat sound at the grave where Superman was buried, along with the floating dirt surround it.

The Dark Knight Returns Inspiration

batman vs superman 2
Batman beating Superman with his power-suit (Source: Internet)

According to the movie plot, it seemed that the movie took great inspiration from the DC comic The Dark Knight Returns written by Frank Miller. The most notable hint was Batman’s battle-suit which looked similar to what Batman in The Dark Knight Returns wore to fight Superman.

In this timeline version, Superman was more like a “worker” for U.S government rather than a justice and honor symbol. During this time U.S and Russia were in an arms race. Ultimately Russia launched a nuclear missile to U.S, but then stopped by Superman. However, the explosion from the missile sent the entire America into a blackout state. Back to Gotham, Batman (who was 60 years old at this time) and his gang tried to keep peace.

As efficient as Batman’s work might be, the President felt this was like an insult to the government. He sent Superman to deal with Batman, but turned out Batman defeated Superman (almost). Just when Batman almost won, he died due to his heart breakdown.

Batman vs Superman: The Battle of Beliefs

As mentioned, in order to trick Batman and Superman fight each other, there must be some sort of tension occurred between them which can ultimately leads them to fight.

   Is Superman a true protector of the Earth?

batman vs superman 3
Superman and his tyrannical regime (Source: Internet)

Back to the Man of Steel incident, though Superman defeated General Zod, the damage dealt to Metropolis couldn’t be ignored. From this battle, Batman thought that the reason why this happened was due to Superman himself. If Superman didn’t live on Earth then there was no reason for Zod to target Earth in the first place.

In addition, later in the movie Batman perceived a vision of him commanding a rebel force against Superman. Batman was also warned by a mysterious figure that Lois Lane would be the cause for what Batman saw in his vision. This highly referred to the storyline of Injustice: Gods Among Us. In Injustice, Joker succeeded in his plan to destroy Metropolis, including Lois Lane and Superman’s child. This led to Superman’s breakdown; he killed Joker and decided to become the only one monarch to “protect” Earth. However, his “dream” turned out to be a tyrannical regime which will exterminate any threats, even the slightest disagreement.

According to this scenerio, Batman was truly a leader of a rebel force against Superman’s tyranny. In the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman from another dimension accidentally jumped into the world of Injustice, and ultimately defeat the tyrannical Superman of Injustice dimension.

In official DC Comics issues of Injustice, a war between Batman’s alliance and Superman’s regime broke out. Many were lost in the battle and Superman was still able to maintain his monarchy. This happened before the event of the game.

   Is Batman needed in this world?

It seemed from Superman’s perspective; Batman was like a shady vigilante. Superman, in the identity of reporter Clark Kent, tried to investigate Batman (as Bruce Wayne) in an interview sponsored by Lex Luthor. Later on, we saw that Superman stopped Batmobile and had a “mercy” warning for Batman, telling him to stop this Bat-work forever.

This is mostly speculation and subjective opinion, but Superman’s idea was somehow similar to the idea of order and law. If Batman could protect people by his own, then what would happen to the government? Batman’s work defied law, and eventually government’s authority. If people had believed in Batman more than government, the government would have lost its authority, thus potentially leading to chaotic society. This idea is similar to the one from The Dark Knight Return comic issues, as the U.S government sent Superman to finish Batman.

      Batman, the Dark Knight

batman vs superman 4
One day, will Batman no longer be needed? (Source: Internet)

Back to the old The Dark Knight movie in 2008, Batman wasn’t considered as hero. In this movie, Batman was truly a vigilante, but an unwanted one. Joker implied that Batman was only needed when the citizens needed him to (in this case, a person who was able to deal with Joker). Jim Gordon also answered to his son that Batman was a hero, but in the shadow. As long as the city needed him, he would be hero, but afterwards, he had to be chased down.

Batman accepted this life, as a vigilante in the dark rather than a public hero like Harvey Dent, or Superman in the current movie. But as vigilante, he was able to do things that normal people couldn’t do, and for such reasons, Batman was the Dark Knight. But then, a question will arise: Will be Batman needed if there is a hero who can fulfill his role? Or to be more specific: Will be Batman needed when the world has Superman?

Batman vs Superman: Battle of Beliefs

batman vs superman 6
They may fight each other in Dawn of Justice, but remember: They are still friends. (Source: Internet)

Batman and Superman, both are heroes protecting the mankind and close friends. But in Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, it put the two men into a scenario in which they’ve never seen or known each other. Both were heroes, each had his own belief in justice. And so, how each would accept and understand the other’s belief? Would they understand each other? Or would they fall into a deadly battle in order to prove justice to their rivals, and to themselves?

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice provided us a good look at that scenario. What would happen next is still a mystery and let’s wait to see it in the future!

That’s it folk! Batman vs Superman, the Battle of Beliefs! For meanwhile, stay tune for more in the future!

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