List of 10 Awesome and Useful Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Secrets

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The latest title Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has become a blast among Legend of Zelda players and fans. This enormous, rich-of-content world has so much to offer and discover, including numerous secrets waiting to be explored. By now, probably most of us already have completed the game; however, have we explored all of the secrets so far? There are so many secrets out there; some are fun to watch, while some other are extremely useful. And so this time, let’s focus on the top 10 most useful Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild secrets.


1. How to Expand Inventory?

breath of the wild secrets 1
Behold the Hestu’s dance! (Source: Internet)

By now this is not necessarily a secret but at the time its first release, people had quite a big problem in inventory management. Since there are so many things to grab, it is really hard to choose what to keep and what to throw away. Especially when the weapons are easily broken, players tend to keep many weapons in their inventory.

Luckily, we have a partial solution for that: there is a way to expand our inventory. By giving Korok seeds to Hestu, we can have our inventory expanded. For each Korok seed, we can have one more inventory slot. However, there is another question: where can we find Hestu?

The first time we can see Hestu is on the road leading to Dueling Peaks Stable. If you purchases two inventory upgrades from him, he will move on to a spot outside Riverside Stable. Here you can get several more upgrades from him, then he will move to his finally location at Korok Forest.

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2. Where is the Master Sword?

breath of the wild secrets 2
The legendary Master Sword (Source: Internet)

Those who are beloved fans of Legend of Zelda will surely try their best to find this legendary sword. But in such an enormous world of Breath of the Wild, finding the Master Sword is surely not an easy matter. Nonetheless, it is one of the most exciting Breath of the Wild secrets.

In order to reach the Master Sword, we will need to ventures throughout the Great Hyrule Forest. The journey starts at the Lost Woods, which located to the North of Hyrule Castle. Once we arrive at the Lost Woods, we will need to follow the braziers path up to a point where there are only 2 braziers. Here we will need to take a torch there and light it up with the brazier.

Now is when thing gets more tricky. Since there is no brazier to follow, we will need to follow the path which guided by the embers from the torch. Stay true to the ember path and we will finally arrive at the Korok Forest where the Master Sword sleeps. And so, the Master Sword will finally be in our hand… if we fulfill its requirement…

3. How to Swap Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels?

breath of the wild secrets 3
This creepy statue can swap our Heart and Stamina (Source: Internet)

In order to wield the Master Sword, you will need to “prove your inner strength”. It literally means you need to have 13 Heart Containers in order to take the Master Sword. It means you will need to find whole lots of shrines and fights the Divine Beasts.

However, there is a way to help you get the legendary Master Sword quicker. Throughout the world, you will probably see several gloomy statues. At your first encounter with them, they will take 1 Heart Containers from you and offer it back at the price of 120 Rupees. Sounds like being scammed isn’t it? But actually, later they will tell you that they will buy each of your Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels at the price of 100 Rupees. Then they will offer to sell it back to you as Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels at the price of 120 Rupees. So in general, we can have our Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels swapped at the cost of 20 Rupees.

This way, you can have 13 Heart Containers earlier in the game in order to get the Master Sword, and then swap the Heart to Stamina Vessels later on at your liking. Besides getting the Master Sword, this Breath of the Wild secrets can also be extremely useful, depends on what you need for your journey.

4. How to Tame Horses and other Animals for Riding?

breath of the wild secrets 4
Horse taming: not an easy task (Source: Internet)

Traveling in such an enormous world like in Breath of the Wild can be tiring if we just keep walking alone. Therefore, a trusty ride would be a nice companion in this long journey. Thankfully, we can tame horses as our ride. In order to tame a horse, we will need to sneak up to our target and jump onto its back. When we’re on its back, quickly mash the L button in order to tame it before it kicks us down. Once we tamed the horse, we can register it at a stable of your choice.

Of course, taming a horse requires our understanding about them. There are 2 types of horse:

  • Spotted horses are pretty calm and well-mannered, and they tend to follow your direction.
  • Single-color horses have higher stamina and speed, but they are hard to tame and they don’t usually follow our lead.

In addition to horses, we can also ride other wild animals like deer or bear; however, we can’t register them. But still, it is one of the coolest Breath of the Wild secrets as it allows us to ride various exotic beasts.

5. What can we do if our horse is dead?

breath of the wild secrets 5
The Goddess of Horses, Malanya (Source: Internet)

Horses are our ride and also our trusty companion; however, that doesn’t mean our horses are invincible. While traveling throughout the world of Breath of the Wild, there may be chance our horse gets killed. We can always tame a new horse, but there is one of Breath of the Wild secrets which can resurrect your horse: consulting Malanya, the Goddess of Horses.

The common route leading to Malanya is warping at the Lake Tower, and then following the trail West and South to the Horse God Bridge (getting a horse from Highland Stable is recommended). Once you arrive at Horse God Bridge, just keep move on pass the bridge and you will meet Malanya. She will ask you 1000 Rupees, after paying her; she will resurrect any dead horse of your choice.

6. Is there any easy way to kill the Guardians?

breath of the wild secrets 6
The Guardian with its deadly laser (Source: Internet)

Guardians are dangerous foes in Breath of the Wild and fighting them proved not to be an easy task. However, there is a trick to help you fight these Guardians easier if you’re good at parrying.

The Guardian has laser attack which can be parried when we equip a shield. By parrying at the precise moment, we can reflect the laser back to the Guardian itself. We can defeat the Guardian if we succeed in parrying its laser about 3 times.

After we defeat a Guardian, we can loot Ancient stuffs from it and sell them for a decent chunk of Rupees, or…

7. Crafting Ancient Gears at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

breath of the wild secrets 7
Ancient Armor Set (Source: Internet)

At first glance, these Ancient stuffs such as Ancient Screws, Cogs, and Cores may just seem to be sold. However, we can use these Ancient materials to craft lots of new gears from a particular Tech Lab for our next journey.

This Tech Lab located to the East of Deep Akkala. Inside the lab, there is science team who specializes in making various Ancient arsenals, including the Ancient Soldier Set.

8. Dragon Parts and where to find them

breath of the wild secrets 8
Naydra (Source: Internet)

Dragon Parts aren’t necessary one of Breath of the Wild secrets, but they are absolutely useful materials for various purposes. And so, the question is: where to find these magical materials?

These Dragon Parts can only be taken from the three dragons guarding the three springs of the Triforce: Courage, Wisdom, and Power. The three dragons are:

  • Dinraal can be at the Eldin region.
  • Farosh can be at Lake Floria, Lake Hylia, or Gerudo Highlands.
  • Naydra can be at Mount Lanaryu.

By hitting each of the dragon’s body part, we can get a Dragon Part accordingly: body for scales, claws for claw, fangs for fang, and horns for horn shards.

Besides unlocking hidden shrines from each spring, these Dragon Parts can also be used in cooking and upgrading armors for immense enhance.

9. Who is Kilton the Merchant?

breath of the wild secrets 9
Kilton’s Fang and Bone store (Source: Internet)

Kilton is mentioned lots of time by many NPCs throughout Breath of the Wild. And we can actually find this guy at the skull-like lake near Deep Akkala. Afterwards, he will disappear then reappear (only at night) at various locations around Lurelin Village, Zoras Domain, Gerudo Town, and Hateno Village.

Kilton specializes in trading monster parts for various monster masks which are useful when we need to blend in a particular monster hub. In addition, he will sell the Dark Link set, provided that we have defeated all four Divine Beasts.

10. How to get Link’s own House?

breath of the wild secrets 10
Home sweet home! (Source: Internet)

Traveling is an exciting activity indeed; however, no matter how exciting our journey can be we will want to return home at some point. And in Breath of the Wild, we also feel the same about having a home.

Luckily, we can have our own home at a place located to the Southwest of Hateno Village. Upon our arrival, we will encounter a group of builders and an abandoned house. By paying 3000 Rupees and 30 wood pieces for Bolson, we can have our own Link’s House with various housing customizations.

In addition, buying the house will unlock another side quest called “From the Ground Up” which involving in rebuilding an entire village. The progress is quite demanding, but the rewards will be extremely handsome, making this one of the most rewarding Breath of the Wild secrets.

And that’s it folks! Those are the 10 Awesome and Useful Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Secrets! For the meanwhile, stay tune for more news in the future!

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