Sanctuary of Aether Foundation, the Fallen Paradise

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In the last article, we’ve take a looked at the Team Skull, being favored with their “goofy” characteristic. That said, Team Skull is actually not the main villain of the game. As players progress, they’ll find out that there is another villainous organization. And that is Aether Foundation, an organization thrived to be a paradise for Pokemon. But in the end it is twisted by its own hand.


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The Beginning of Aether Foundation

pokemon sun and moon aether foundation
Members of Aether Foundation (Source: Internet)

The Aether Foundation was led by three administrative members: Lusamine – the President of Aether Foundation who has a great passion and love for pokemon, Faba – the Branch Chief; and Wicke– the branch chief assistant.

At the beginning, the Aether Foundation was established with the goal to cure and protect Pokemon. Thus, they wanted to create an utopia where Pokemon could live in peace and harmony. This goal could be seen from the wish of Aether Foundation’s president, Lusamine, who has a great passion and love for Pokemon. Therefore, they built an artificial island called as Aether Paradise. This island built as their headquarter and also, to prevent potential threats such as Team Skull.

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Besides protecting Pokemon, Aether Foundation also focused on researching about the fabled Ultra Wormhole and the Ultra Beasts (*). Throughout the researches, the Aether Foundation created 3 new Pokemon Type: Null which can defeat the Ultra Beasts. In addition, they created the powerful Beast Balls specialized in capturing Ultra Beasts.

* Ultra Beasts: They are unknown beings come from the outer plains of existence. Also, they possess the mysterious power which is unknown to mankind. According to Alola’s legend, in some rare occasions, a powerful beast could come out from the wormholes. And it was the job for the guardian deities to fight against them.

Fall of the Paradise

pokemon sun and moon aether foundation 2
Lusamine, kind-hearted President of Aether Foundation (Source: Internet)

As good as the Aether Foundation’s purpose might sound, the shadow finally consumed the organization, along with its righteous goal. After the players’s first meeting with Lusamine and the Aether Foundation, the players gradually discover the true dark intention behind its kind-hearted appearance.

Lusamine, once a kind lady who shares deep love for all pokemon, became twisted since the loss of her husband – Professor Mohn. Long ago, Professor Mohn discovered the existence of the Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Wormholes. He carried out a great deal of research about the Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Wormholes, and then one day he mysteriously went missing through the wormhole. This is highly the reason why Lusamine went to madness, as she thrived to research about the Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Wormholes with hope that she can find her husband. Things went worst when Lusamine was corrupted by the Ultra Beast Nihilego’s poison. She obsessed with the Ultra Beast and tried to convince that Ultra Beast is the only true beauty.

pokemon sun and moon aether foundation 3
Nihilego of the Ultra Beasts (Source: Internet)

Opposed to what Lusamine believed, Gladio and Lillie didn’t agree with her and insisted that the poison is dangerous. Afterwards, Lusamine even branded her own children to be traitors. Later on both childs left, Gladio stole one of the Type:Null pokemon while Lillie wished to bring her mother back to her sense.

Despite all that, Lusamine still kept onto her dark goal. She even manipulated other Aether Foundation’s employees to take Nihilego’s poison. All received Nihilego’s poison and went mad, became like cultists, except for Wicke who understood the danger of the poison and secretly disposed of the poison.

Ultimately, the players and Lillie encounter Lusamine in the Ultra Space to put an end to her plan. In this point, Lusamine fused herself with Nihilego and fight the players and Lillie. Finally, the players and Lillie defeated Lusamine and splited her from Nihilego. Despite the victory, the poison is still in Lusamine’s body and she’s seeking a way to get rid of it.

Lusamine the Fallen One

pokemon sun and moon aether foundation 4
Lusamine-Nihilego Fusion (Source: Internet)

To some extent, the story of Lusamine and the Aether Foundation is quite a tragedy. Based on Gladio and Lillie’s story, Lusamine originally was a kind woman who just wanted to protect Pokemon. If that’s true, what led Lusamine to the path of insanity is the missing of her husband, Professor Mohn. It seems the loss of her husband left her with an empty, void state. Therefore, she tried desperately to find her husband to fill in that void. As the results, she continued Professor Mohn’s research about Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Wormholes. But in the end, it drove Lusamine insane.

This story is somewhat similar to H.P Lovecraft’s cosmic horror stories. In these stories, there are beings called the Old Gods living in the cosmic plains. They possess the knowledge and power which mankind can’t comprehend. Those who try to contact or learn from them will eventually become insane. It just like what happened to Lusamine and her research about the Ultra Beasts.

As “insanity” as it may sound, Lusamine was not simply a mad, hostile villain. She was an intelligent and extremely manipulative president who could control other people at her whim. In the first encounter, players would see Lusamine as a kind woman. The players could only discover her true intention after a considerable progress. Even Guzma – the leader of Team Skull, was manipulated by Lusamine and became Aether Foundation’s secret guardian. And, it was not a coincidence that almost all Aether Foundation’s employees followed Lusamine’s order and injected with Nihilego’s poison.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Lusamine is Pokemon’s best villain of all time. Still, Lusamine’s story is truly something to think about. It is a sad story of a passionate woman who seeked goodness for pokemon. But she gradually overshadowed by sadness, and ended up corrupted by the “cosmic being”, the Ultra Beasts.

And that’s it folk! More Pokemon and Pokemon Sun and Moon news are coming soon! Stay tune for more in the future!

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