The Origin of Master Chief, the Great Hero of Halo

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Halo is a legendary franchise began in 2001 with the title Halo Combat Evolved. Most of gamers during that time knew Halo, even those who weren’t interested in FPS genre. The Halo franchise is famous throughout the world, with the iconic hero everybody loves: Master Chief. He is often portrayed as a honorable warrior in armor. He has fought and saved the humankind many times from the threat of Covenent, and especially the infamous Flood. But the question is: Who is Master Chief really? And so today, let’s try to know more about this iconic hero.


The Journey of Master Chief

Before we go into Master Chief’s past, let’s review who he is currently and what he has done in the past few years throughout 5 Halo games.

Master Chief was a commando of Spartan-II in the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) army. In the Human-Covenant War, which also known as The Great War, he was deemed as the hero. Not only that, he was among the most well-known UNSC warriors over his 30 years of service. He achieved most of the UNSC medals to date, except for the Prisoner of War Medal.

   Master Chief in Halo Combat Evolved (2001)

master chief 2
Master Chief featured in Halo Combat Evolved (Source: Internet)

In Halo Combat Evolved, Master Chief was a Spartan soldier of UNSC. He, along with his new AI partner Cortana, discovered the Halo which was a gigantic space station. However, soon they found out that Halo was not just a station; it was a “prison” to keep the Flood in check. These Flood are dangerous parasites which could quickly kill an individual and control that body and rewrite that body’s DNA.

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This caused great interest for the Covenant; they sought to control this dangerous biological weapon. Therefore, they fooled the human to open the Flood’s seal, letting these terrific parasites free. As the results, the Flood consumed most of the Covenant army. Master Chief, with the help of the AI 343 Guilty Spark, tried to stop the Flood but in the end he was unable to do it.

After Guilty Spark turned on Master Chief and Cortana, they escaped to the place while the Halo was destroyed. After the destruction, Master Chief and Cortana returned back to Earth.

   Master Chief in Halo 2 (2004)

master chief 3
Master Chief featured in Halo 2 Remastered (Source: Internet)

After the event of Halo Combat Evolved, Master Chief and Cortana returned to Earth but to only find out that Earth was already discovered by the Covenant.

Master Chief and Cortana joined force with the UNSC, but then they found out that an orbiting capital ship successfully got to the Slipspace above New Mombasa city, eventually destroyed the entire city due to its shockwave. He chased down the ship to the other side of the portal and discovered another space station: Installation 05, a.k.a the Delta Halo.

Master Chief and his team managed to kill one of the Prophets: Prophet of Regret. Later on, he and Cortana was captured by the Gravemind, a Flood organism which possessed high intelligent and the ability to control the Flood. Here, Master Chief also met Thel ‘Vadamee a.k.a the Arbiter, a fallen Elite general of Covenant army. Together they stopped the Delta Halo from activating. Afterwards, Master Chief went on his pursue to the last Prophet, but he had to leave Cortana behind with the Gravemind.

   Master Chief in Halo 3 (2007)

master chief 4
Master Chief featured in Halo 3 (Source: Internet)

In Halo 3, Master Chief managed to return to Earth and regrouped the UNSC once again. Despite the UNSC’s effort, the Covenant succeeded in activating a portal on the African Savannah. However, they had to stop the invasion of the Flood before chasing down the Covenent.

After putting stop to the Flood, Master Chief and the Arbiter followed the Covenant and discovered the Ark, an ancient installation built by the Forerunner. On the Ark, the Flood convinced Master Chief that they had to work together if Master Chief wanted to stop the Prophet. And true, they succeeded in stopping the Prophet and preventing the Halo from activating. Of course, this was just a temporary alliance, the Flood quickly turned on Master Chief and the Arbiter. And again, they needed a way to stop this threat.

It was then uncovered that the Ark had another purpose: recreating the Halo destroyed by Master Chief long time ago. By activating an unfinished Halo, the Flood would be destroyed without activating the other Halo. However, it needed a code which held by Cortana who trapped with the Gravemind. Master Chief and the Arbiter successfully rescued Cortana and fired the Halo. Upon their escape, only the Arbiter got back to Earth safely while Master Chief and Cortana were lost.

   Master Chief in Halo 4 (2012)

master chief 8
Master Chief featured in Halo 4 (Source: Internet)

After years, Cortana woke up Master Chief and the duo realized that they encountered another Forerunner installation and a Covenant ship. Despite Master Chief and Cortana’s effort to stop the Covenant, the Forerunner installation finally activated and pulled the ship inside.

Afterwards, Master Chief and Cortana accidentally awoke a sinister Forerunner, Didact, who wanted to enslave humanity. Didact took control of the Covenent force, while Master Chief got support from the UNSC vessel “Infinity”. Later, it is also known that Cortana were facing the situation of fading due to her excessive active period.

The duo chased down Didact to Gamma Halo, but to only find out that Didact got his weapon and moved to Earth. Master Chief and Cortana infiltrated on his ship and had a last battle with Didact. The Chief achieved victory at the cost of Cortana.

   Master Chief in Halo 5 Guardians (2015)

master chief 5
Master Chief featured in Halo 5 Guardians (Source: Internet)

In Halo 5 Guardians, Master Chief was not the main protagonist. Instead, players follow the story of the new Spartan generation Jameson Locke who pursuing Master Chief.

Later on, it is discovered that Cortana was still alive, but with bizarre motive. Despite Master Chief’s convince of returning back, Cortana refused and she intended to seal the Blue Team from Osiris. Luckily Locke and his team managed to free them.

At the end, Cortana disappeared and not much known about her since then, while Master Chief regrouped with Locke and Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer and Dr. Catherine Halsey.

The Origins of Master Chief

master chief 6
Young Master Chief, a.k.a John-117 (Source: Internet)

At the beginning of the series, Master Chief seemed not intended to be a full-characteristic protagonist, but rather a vessel which players could project themselves on in the game.

But from time to time, Master Chief had more and more contexts and now we could know more about this hero of the Earth, as a person, not just “Master Chief”.

   Master Chief’s Childhood

Master Chief’s true name is John-117 born in Elysium City of Eridanus II. Since he was young, he proved to have many qualities: intelligent, physically strong, and taller than most of his colleagues.

When he was six years old, John-117 along with other 149 children became candidates for the SPARTAN-II super-soldier program. Thanks to his born strength and intelligent, he was chosen for the program. Later on, 75 children, including John, were secretly taken to Reach and replaced by their clones. However, their clones wouldn’t last long as they were dead due to “natural causes” in order to conceal the missing of those 75 children.

   SPARTAN-II Training

master chief 7
John-117 in Marvel Comics: Halo: Fall of Reach – Boot Camp (Source: Internet)

John-117 and other 74 children trained at Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex, which was also their home for years. The goal of this SPARTAN-II program was to train these children to become Earth’s protectors in the future. The training included history lessons, military strategy, tactics and weapons training, extreme physical exercises. The primary people in charge of this program were Dr. Halsey and Chief Mendez.

John was exceptional individual, but he got to learn about teamwork. John was teamed with Kelly-087, Samuel-034 and together they became close friends and learned about working with each other.

From time to time, John proved himself to be a prominent warrior and leader. Eventually he became a solid choice for SPARTAN-II leader position, and also he became Spartan Blue Team’s leader.


When the children reached the age of 8, all of them were put in a test in which they had to survive in the forest and got to the extraction point. The last person would face heavy punishment.

John, as a leader, devised a plan for entire team to get to the extraction point first, while John volunteered to be the last one. John’s plan went on successfully; however, Chief Mendez thought it was over the boundary. Even so, both Dr. Halsey and Chief Mendez recognized John’s plan and his strategic mind.

Later on, John remained as the leader of Spartans, while his colleagues gradually gained higher rank and commanded their own teams.

   SPARTAN Enhancement

When John was 14 years old, he was in a human enhancement program which would tremendously increase a person’s reflexes and strength. However, the program was extremely risky in which 30 trainees were dead during the process, while the other 12 were seriously injured. John was among the 30 trainees who succeeded in that enhancement program.

To test the extent of John’s enhanced body, he was put in a fight with 4 professional soldiers of ODSTs. John easily defeated the four opponents: he accidentally killed two soldiers while heavily damaged the others two. Despite John’s guilty feeling, he was acknowledged and told that he did the right thing.

Later on, John and other Spartan soldiers moved to an abandoned mine where they had to face soldiers wearing MJOLNIR Mark I armors without getting proper equipment.

After this test, John-117/Master Chief’s story progressed to the point of the infamous Human-Covenant War.

And that’s it folks! That is the story of Master Chief and his origins before he became a Spartan! For the meanwhile, stay tune for more news in the future!

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