A Rookie Guide to Minecraft Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

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Minecraft is a wonderful world with tons of recreation opportunities, creative builds and stuffs. Minecraft Singleplayer alone is attractive enough for those who like to build and share their creativities at best. But for the others, Minecraft Multiplayer is even more interesting as many players can take part in Minecraft with various games like mini-games, puzzles, zombie apocalypse, etc… or simply compete with each other. Such is the fascinating world of Minecraft Multiplayer and this time, we will share some tips and tricks while “enjoying” Minecraft Multiplayer.

But before going into the tips and tricks part, let’s check out how we can participate in Minecraft Multiplayer.

How to join Minecraft Multiplayer?

Minecraft is among the most popular games in the world; therefore it should be quite easy to find a Minecraft Multiplayer server by ourselves. However, we will need some sort of “research” before we randomly choose whatever servers which look appealing to us.

   First, what is your favorite game type?

minecraft multiplayer 1
Bastion against Zombies, do you want to join? (Source: Internet)

Thanks to creative Minecraft platform, players throughout the world have created plenty of servers with various activities. As mentioned, in Minecraft Multiplayer we can enjoy many games and activities such as faction war, survival, zombie apocalypse, mini-games. So it would be a nice idea to consider what kind of activities we want to partake, and then we start to learn more about different servers.

   Second, what are Griefing and Whitelist?

minecraft multiplayer 2
Griefers… they will probably come to you soon… (Source: Internet)

Secondly, there are two terms we need to understand before choosing a Minecraft Multiplayer server: Griefing and Whitelist.

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  • Griefing: refers to action of destroying/sabotaging/ruining/harassing other players’ work. In some Minecraft Multiplayer servers where rules are not strict, many players can destroy our work as a form of competition and “entertainment” for them. For some players, this “destructive exercise” can be intriguing. On the other hand, those who don’t like this practice can feel pretty annoyed. We can imagine it like when we wake up in the next day, and first thing we see is our house was burned to ashes. Of course, many server masters know this and they may put rules to prevent this from happening, so it’s recommended to check out whether a server forbid this griefing practice or not.
  • Whitelist: refers to servers which have quite strict rules and regulations. Unlike common servers, these servers only accept those who registered in advance and were accepted. Therefore, these servers tend to have decent environment and rarely suffer the case of griefing and other “shady practices”.

   Finally, consider some other elements:

  • Game type: Just like what we mention in the first point, after choosing what types of game we enjoy, we will also check out what game types a server offer.
  • Server population: determines the amount of players in the server. This can be important since some game types require huge players base, while some game types don’t need that much people. For example like in the case of faction war, it would not be interesting if there are too few people and it can hardly be called as “war” at all.
  • PvP: or player vs player, these are pretty tough servers since they focus on fighting with other players. It is not recommended for those who prefer more “cooperating games” or relaxing games.
  • Server uptime: determines a server’s online/available rate. We will want to choose a server which has about 95% uptime rate or more.
  • Server cost: normally we can join most of the servers free of charge. But of course if you can donate for the server you enjoy. Some servers offer premium membership with better queue rate and other privileges. In busy server, this can be a great choice to get in the game quicker.

   After being done with research, let’s join Minecraft Multiplayer!

minecraft multiplayer 3
Let’s join the world of Minecraft! (Source: Internet)

So, we have decided our server choice, let’s join in that server! In order to join in a server, we will need its iP address and its Minecraft version. Since not all servers follow the same game version, we will need to change to the exact version from the Minecraft Launcher.

After that, head into the game and go to Minecraft Multiplayer menu. Here we will need to add server manually by entering server name and address. Afterwards, the server will be on our list, now, it’s time to join in Minecraft Multiplayer.

Tips & tricks while playing Minecraft Multiplayer  

Now that we’ve joined a server, let’s check out several tips which experienced players often share when playing Minecraft Multiplayer. In this case, we only share tips about surviving in PvP world where griefing is like everywhere.

   1. Food and Wood

In the first few days in Minecraft Multiplayer, gathering materials and resources can be quite a challenge. Unlike Singleplayer, in this multiplayer world we will survive with other players, thus making it much harder to find resources. Still, we need to explore and find the resources we need, with the most important resources are Food and Wood.

   2. Make friends

Friends, or party, are important factor to survive in this harsh world. As people often say: it is better to make friends rather than making enemies. In Minecraft Multiplayer, this is also extremely helpful for both our and other people’s survivability. Forming an alliance will make it easier to find resources, and also defense ourselves from the invaders/griefers. That said, some experienced players warn that in some cases, we have to be careful since there may be deceiver in an alliance. Of course it’s a game, but seems some people prefer to ruin things, rather than cooperating.

   3. Choose a place for our home  

Home is a great place to rest and stay safe, but in Minecraft, we may not be safe even in our home (again, griefers). It will be safe in strict-rule servers or whitelist servers, but in other cases, even our home could be in danger. Nonetheless, we still need a home, the problem is where to build it?

Many players consider plains and savannas are the best terrain to build house. Some other may prefer to choose a place near spawning point. Any cases, the most viable location is somewhere near mountain, sea/ocean (although it may not be easy to find). After that, we will need some preparations, notably traps to prevent outsiders.

   4. Beware of other players

minecraft multiplayer 4
Are these guys friends? Or foes? (Source: Internet)

In Minecraft Multiplayer, there are plenty of experienced players with full diamond gears. They may offer help or items; however, some of them are not that friendly. They may be griefers who can fool us with some sweet items, then when kill us right off the bat. Some others don’t care about trolling, they prefer killing at first sight (for whatever reason).

Even in case of allying as we mentioned in the second tip, some players prefer trolling so they may wreck our alliance. In any cases, it is highly recommended to accept support from those who can trust, otherwise, hide or decline the “warming attitude” from these guys.

   5. Stay in peace

It’s fine to become a griefer or a brutal killer ourselves, but in our first days, it’s best to stay out of trouble. We’re not strong yet, we also don’t have a tough alliance so it’s not a good idea to be aggressive. Since dying means losing lots of our work, it’s best to stay out of trouble which means: running away is the best “defense”.

While exploring, it’s not rare to spot other players or accidentally step in their territory. In that case, just make sure we can just teleport back to our home safely. Normally other people will come and kill us right away when we approach their land, so there’s no reason to stay and try to… reason with them. In case if we have weapon and armor, it’s best not to grief other players who try to stay in peace. Who knows? Maybe one day they will be our allies.

   6. Avoiding monsters

Unless we have proper weapon and armor, fighting monsters is notoriously troublesome. Therefore, it is best to avoid these guys while exploring or mining. Also, it’s best to stay at home during night since this is the active time for monsters. When we’re strong, we’ll show them who’s boss, but until then, there’s no shame in hiding in the shadow.

   7. Get money and diamonds

minecraft multiplayer 5
DIAMONDS!!! HAHA! I”M RICH!!! (Source: Internet)

In most Minecraft Multiplayer servers, they already have market plugin in which we can sell our unused stuffs. Other nice thing to do is to give these items to other rookies like us (more chance to gain allies!).

But of course, money is just a part, what we thrive for is DIAMOND! In the world of Minecraft, Diamond is like an almighty currency which can control everything (surely you haven’t forgotten that sweet, powerful diamond weapon and armor). When we become richer with diamonds, this almighty currency will be our easy ticket to gain friends and allies.

And that is the Rookie Guide to Minecraft Multiplayer Tips & Tricks! Stay tune for more news in the future!

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