The Amazing Roster of Deadpool 2 Cast and Characters

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After the successful of Deadpool movie, we are going to see the new Deadpool 2 in 2018. While waiting for Deadpool 2 to come out, it is quite interesting to see the potential Deadpool 2 cast and what characters will make their appearance. So, why not see and check out the amazing roster of Deadpool 2 cast!

* Note: This roster only includes the currently announced casts and characters.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Ryan Reynolds, starring Deadpool

deadpool 2 cast 1
Wade Wilson/Deadpool, starred by Ryan Reynolds (Source: Internet)

The very first guy we have to cover is the protagonist himself: Wade Wilson, a.k.a the Deadpool, starred by Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds also starred the Deadpool in the first movie, and he totally captured the essence of this anti-hero character and his hilarious sarcasm. It is told that he spent 11 years to think and immerse himself as a true Deadpool. For this character, he tried hard to fulfill the expectation, especially from fans. And ultimately he succeeded in his role as Deadpool and got nominated as one of the best actor.

   Deadpool – Wade Wilson in Marvel Comics

Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson used to be a professional mercenary. Later on he joined the project Weapon X in Canada and gained superhuman power, including the Healing Factor similar to Wolverine. Thanks to the Healing Factor, Wade’s cells regenerate so fast that cancer can’t kill him and he can live literally forever.

Deadpool is a professional and dangerous assassin with superhuman power. At some point, he was considered to be the strongest character in Marvel, like in an issue in which Deadpool went on a killing spree, slaying entire Marvel characters. He is also famous for his blabbering mouth, his annoying trait and especially his sarcastic nature. As in Marvel Universe, not many people can comprehend his annoying and disturbing sarcasm.

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   Wade Wilson in Deadpool movie

In Deadpool movie, Wade Wilson was still a professional mercenary as a normal person. Later on, he discovered his cancer and agreed to join an experiment in which he could cure his cancer and possess superhuman abilities. However in truth, this experiment, conducted by Ajax and Angel Dust, was to create “super slave”. Turned out, the experiment did not happen like what Ajax expects; he “killed” Wade and abandoned Wade’s body behind. Of course, Wade didn’t stay dead; he became Deadpool and went on his revenge on Ajax. By the end of the movie, Deadpool succeeded in his vengeance and noted viewers that there will be sequel.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Josh Brolin, starring Cable

deadpool 2 cast 3
Nathan Summers/Cable, starred by Josh Brolin (Source: Internet)

At the end of Deadpool movie, Deadpool hinted that there would be new sequel with the appearance of Cable, his duo-partner. However, who would star Cable was a mystery until now. It is revealed that Josh Brolin will star Cable according to his trolling post on Twitter. He will also star in the Avengers: Infinity War in 2018 as the great villain Thanos.

   Cable – Nathan Summers in Marvel Comics

Nathan Summers birth was not decided by his parents, but rather, a planned birth arranged by Mr. Sinister. With the hope of creating a mutant with power rivals Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister created a clone of Jean Grey and named her Madelyne Prior and get her married with Scott Summers the Syclops. They gave birth to Nathan Summers, an alpha mutant with powerful telepathy and telekinesis.

When he was still a baby, Apocalypse captured him and injected him with the Techno-Organic Virus which can kill him quickly. In order to save him, Sister Askani from Clan Askani came from the future and sacrificed herself to become energy, bringing Nathan to the future to cure him. However, she couldn’t bring her back and Nathan stuck in the future. In later years, Nathan grew up and went through many situations. He grasped the ability to travel between times and he often came to the present Earth back and forth to deal with various cases. This includes his encounter with Deadpool and soon they become a duo.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Morena Baccarin, starring Vanessa

deadpool 2 cast 2
Vanessa, starred by Morena Baccarin (Source: Internet)

In Deadpool movie, Morena Baccarin starred Vanessa who was the lover of Wade Wilson. And in Deadpool 2, she will also return as Vanessa, but not much has been known about her role in the movie yet. Though Morena shares her interest with the changing of Vanessa to Copycat, it’s still not sure whether that changing will be in the movie or not.

   Vanessa in Marvel Comics

Despite her normal appearance, Vanessa is actually a mutant with the power to copy the whole genes of a humanoid target. She worked as a prostitute until she met Wade Wilson and soon they fell in love with each other. However, Wade was afraid of his cancer and broke up with her.

Later on, she decided to become a mercenary herself and hired by Tolliver to infiltrate the X-Force and spy on Cable. She transformed to Domino and succeeded in the infiltration thanks to her genetic copying ability. But then, she betrayed Tolliver and sided with the X-Force fighting against him.

During the Weapon X Project, Kane and Sabretooth were assigned to kill both Copycat and Deadpool. While Deadpool could manage on his own, Copycat was heavily wounded by Sabretooth and ultimately died by Deadpool.

   Vanessa in Deadpool movie

In Deadpool movie, not much was revealed about Vanessa’s mutant power. So far the plot focused on Vanessa being lover of Wade Wilson and she still accepted Wade even after seeing his deformed face. For now, it’s not sure whether Vanessa will become Copycat or not.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Leslie Uggams, starring Blind Al

deadpool 2 cast 4
Blind Al, starred by Leslie Uggams (Source: Internet)

Besides Vanessa, many other characters make a comeback in Deadpool 2, including one of the Deadpool’s friends: Blind Al, starred by Leslie Uggams. According to Leslie in her interview with Blackfilm, she will definitely back as Deadpool’s roommate Blind Al.

   Blind Al in Marvel Comics

Blind Al, or Althea, is quite a mysterious figure since not much has been revealed about her, except for the fact that there are many people want her dead. Once Wade Wilson was hired to kill her in Zaire; however, he spared her despite killing everyone else. Later on when Wade Wilson became Deadpool, he captured her and kept her in his place.

Blind Al and Deadpool have quite a peculiar relationship. Though Blind Al was his prisoner, she was more like his friend, housekeeper, and mother-like figure. At times, Deadpool could be quite cruel to her, but on the other hand, Blind Al was not afraid of him and she could talk back to Deadpool if he went on his sarcasm.

At a certain point, Deadpool felt guilty for what he had done to Blind Al, he freed her and brought her far away from him. Later on, it seems that Blind Al and Deadpool still contact with each other.

   Blind Al in Deadpool movie

In Deadpool Movie, Blind Al is Deadpool’s roommate; however, not much has been revealed about her in this movie version. So far, it seems that she is a friend to Deadpool and she usually helps him cleaning his uniform.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Weasel

deadpool 2 cast 5
Weasel, starred by T.J. Miller (Source: Internet)

Besides Blind Al, Weasel is another close friend of Wade Wilson, starred by T.J. Miller in Deadpool movie. However, this is still purely speculation.

   Weasel in Marvel Comics

Weasel, or Jack Hammer, is a genius scientist and inventor who is the supporter and friend of Deadpool. However, after several incidents, including The House, Weasel became Patient Zero and took revenge on Wade Wilson and Peter Parker as he thought that they are the reason for his failure and current condition. Weasel tricked Deadpool to kill Spider-man and claimed Parker Industries. Soon after the Spider-man’s death, Deadpool realized the situation and found a way to resurrect Spider-man. They both cooperated to find Weasel with Spider-man luring him to Deadpool’s hideout. They successfully captured Weasel, but then Weasel was killed by his test subject called Itsy Bitsy.

   Weasel in Deadpool movie

In movie version, Weasel is not a technical supporter, but rather an owner/bartender at Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Children. He seems to have a better friendship with Wade rather than in the comics version. He is also the one who gave Wade Wilson the idea of the name “Deadpool”.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Stefan Kapicic, starring Colossus

deadpool 2 cast 6
Piotr Rasputin/Colossus, starred by Stefan Kapicic (Source: Internet)

It is quite surprising to see Colussus, starred by Stefan Kapicic, had so much influence in the Deadpool movie. And in Deadpool 2, we will get see more of his action.

   Colossus in Marvel Comics

Piotr Rasputin born in Soviet and lived quite a peaceful life, until he turned 13 that he found out his Organic Steel ability. In later years, he was recruited by Professor X and joined the X-Men throughout various battles and events under the name Colossus.

He possesses a huge body and he can turn into a giant Organic Steel Form, true to his nickname Colossus. Unlike many other mutants, Colossus is gentle and doesn’t have violent tendency. Some consider him to be the steel colossus with the heart of gold.

   Colossus in Deadpool movie

In contrast to many people’s expectation, Colossus makes a huge appearance in Deadpool movie. In the beginning, Colossus tried to recruit Deadpool to the X-Men and taught Deadpool about a hero’s morality. However, he failed. When Vanessa was captured by Ajax, Deadpool seek help from Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. And together, they defeated Ajax and rescued Vanessa.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Brianna Hildebrand, starring Negasonic Teenage Warhead

deadpool 2 cast 7
Ellie Phimister/Negasonic Teenage Warhead starred by Brianna Hildebrand (Source: Internet)

Colossus is a big help for Deadpool indeed, but he is not alone since accompanying him is the X-Men apprentice: Negasonic Teenage Warhead, starred by Brianna Hildebrand. Together with Colossus, they both will make a comeback in the upcoming Deadpool 2.

   Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Marvel Comics

Negasonic Teenage Warhead was the codename of Ellie Phimister, a teenager who lived in Genosha and student of Emma Frost. She had the ability to “foresee” events through nightmares. At one time, she continuously had nightmares of the destroyed Genosha. And in reality, that incident happened and many people died, including Ellie. Later on, Selene resurrected Ellie in the Necrosha and made Ellie her slave. In later years, she makes a comeback and become a member of Mercs for Money.

   Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool movie

In Deadpool movie, Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s ability changed a bit as she can detonate things with telekinetic power. She follows Colossus as a X-Men trainee and together with Colossus, helped Deadpool to rescue Vanessa.

Deadpool 2 Cast: Zazie Beetz, starring Domino

deadpool 2 cast 8
Neena Thurman/Domino, starred by Zazie Beetz (Source: Internet)

Domino will make an appearance in Deadpool 2, and from the funny post of Ryan Reynolds on his Twitter, Zazie Beetz will star Domino.

   Domino in Marvel Comics

Neena Thurman, or Domino, is actually a successful breeding product from a perfect weapon program. However, her mother ran away and left Domino at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. In later years, she left the Church and became a mercenary. Domino was also a member of the X-Men, and fight in the Avengers vs X-Men War.

Domino excels at fighting capability, and has the power to control the chances around her. Simply put, she can put the “bad luck” upon her enemies and “good luck” for her. That said, the true potential of her power is still a mystery.

And that’s it folk! That is the amazing roster of Deadpool 2 cast! Stay tune for more news in the future!

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