The Hall of Armor: The Ultimate Collection of Iron Man Suit and Armors

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Iron Man is probably one of the most well-known heroes in Marvel Universe. Tony Stark, a.k.a the Iron Man, is a normal human being, but with an extraordinary mind. With the Iron Man suit, his power can rival with other superheroes with superpowers. Throughout many movies, Tony Stark has developed plenty of new and cool Iron Man suit and armors. Therefore, it is fascinating to see his extensive arsenal of Iron Man suit. And so with no further delay, let’s check out Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor: All Iron Man Suit Collection!

* Note: This list only features Iron Man suit used in movies.

Iron Man Suit Mark I

iron man suit 1
Mark I, the first Iron Man (Source: Internet)

Iron Man Suit Mark I was the very first armor developed by Tony Stark, and also the armor he created while being imprisoned by the Ten Rings, a terrorism group led by Raza in Afghanistan. During this time, Raza offered Tony a “deal”: he would give Tony freedom; in exchange Tony had to complete the Jericho missile for him. However, fully knew that Raza wouldn’t keep his word, Tony, along with Dr. Yinsen, a fellow prisoner, built an armor in secret in order to escape. The result was the Iron Man Suit Mark I which Tony used to successfully escape the prison, despite being unable to rescue Dr. Yinsen.

This first Iron Man Suit focused solely on heavy offense. It equipped with heavy weaponry such as flamethrowers on each of its arm, and a rocket launcher. It also had rough and bulky appearance, which made wearer looked like a tanking robot. The suit also featured bulletproof characteristic, along with rocket boosters for jumping.

This Iron Man suit was also the first and probably the only suit which didn’t include AI system. And its helmet was purely for face protection without any other technology installation.

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Iron Man Suit Mark II 

iron man suit 2
Mark II (Source: Internet)

After his return from Afghanistan, Tony Stark started on developing the second version: Iron Man Suit Mark II. The goal of developing Mark II was to revamp the Mark I version and focus more on the flight capability and AI implementation.

Iron Man Suit Mark II had a more delicate and refined design, which has been the staple design for later Iron Man suit and armors. Mark II suit implemented with the new technology which focused on enhancing flying ability. The suit featured thruster boots, and repulsor gauntlets which used for balancing during flight.

Another big update for this new model is the implementation of the new A.I system called J.A.R.V.I.S which had voice informing about status. The Mark II also had “smarter” feature than the Mark I, typically the built-in computer with holographic head-up display and sensing system.

Initially, the Mark II’s flying ability was superb, but with a fatal flaw: If Tony reached a particular height on the sky, the suit would be frozen, rendering the suit useless. In addition, the armor Mark II’s main focus wasn’t for battle, so it didn’t feature any weapons.

War Machine Mark I

iron man suit 3
Variable Threat Response Battlesuit, a.k.a the War Machine (Source: Internet)

This revamped version was solely for war, therefore, it had tankier look than the original Mark II. Also, it equipped with various heavy weapons such as Ex-Wife detonation system, Repulsors and Unibeam, M134 Minigun, and the Sub-Machine Guns implemented on the gauntlets.

The War Machine was originally Iron Man Suit Mark II, but it wasn’t Tony who modified it. In Iron Man II, when Tony “recklessly” celebrated his birthday party while in his Iron Man Suit Mark IV, his James Rhodes stopped Tony while wearing Mark II. Afterwards, he brought the Mark II to the US government due to his obligation. The government modified the Mark II and changed its name to Variable Threat Response Battlesuit, or War Machine in short.

Iron Man Suit Mark III

iron man suit 4
Mark III (Source: Internet)

This Mark III was the successor of Mark II version, with better enhancements in every aspect. The design of Mark III was even refined further with the signature red and yellow tone.

Mark III was built with the gold-titanium alloy which was extremely tough. The suit itself could resist bullets, high damages and impacts. The flight capability was also greatly enhanced with the Flight Stabilizers on the two arms and the Boot Propulsors. As a versatile Iron Man suit, Mark III featured various combat abilities like Super-strength, Repulsors, Unibeam, Shoulder Mini-gun, Rockets, and Flares.

This Iron Man Suit Mark III used in the first Iron Man movie, especially during the combat between Tony and Obadiah Stane who wore the Iron Monger.

Iron Man Suit Mark IV

iron man suit 5
Mark IV (Source: Internet)

The Mark IV was the next successor of Mark III and it seemed to be Tony’s main suit until the development of Mark VI.

In overall the Mark IV wasn’t much different from Mark III model, except for the different suit texture design and several upgrades. Mark IV still retained the standard features: Super-strength, Repulsors and Unibeam system.

In Iron Man 2, Tony wore this Mark IV during his “final” birthday. He believed that he would die soon due to Palladium core toxicity; therefore, he wanted to have fun during his “final days”.

Iron Man Suit Mark V

iron man suit 6
Suitcase Portable Mark V (Source: Internet)

The Mark V model was designed as a “portable version” which could be used even in civilian areas. As a portable Iron Man suit, this suit could fold itself into a suitcase and could be carried at ease.

Unlike the traditional yellow and red tone, it had silver and red tone. Since it was also a portable version, rather than fully assembled suit in Tony’s workshop, the suit’s power was also pretty limited. Besides the standard Iron Man suit’s features, the suit was rather weak by itself with limited speed, versatility, and power. It still had super-strength and high speed, but it would face trouble in maneuvering if Tony had to face high speed enemy.

Iron Man Suit Mark VI

iron man suit 7
Mark VI with the new power core (Source: Internet)

Mark VI was a significant change after the Mark IV and Mark V with its signature triangle core. Unlike the traditional Palladium core which could poison and kill the user, this new core seemed to impose no threat to the user. Also it seemed to have higher power than the old core.

Thanks to the more powerful triangle core, Iron Man suit Mark VI was able to perform much better and higher speed and strength. The Repulsors and the Unibeam were extremely enhanced, along with the new laser system which could easily cut down everything along its path (though the laser could only be used once only). On the other hand, other standard equipment also included and even strengthened further.

Iron Man Suit Mark VII

iron man suit 8
Mark VII (Source: Internet)

Unlike its predecessor, Mark VII focused on offense and combat. The suit’s appearance was still similar to the previous armors, except for several minor changes. Mark VII also used in The Avengers Age of Ultron movie.

As a combat suit, Mark VII dedicated to offensive weapons and it featured even more powerful core: Vibranium Arc Reactor. This resulted in even stronger Repulsors, Unibeam, and repetitive uses of lasers. For better weapons capacity, the suit also featured a separate backpack which provided more space for weapons.

In Iron Man III, the suit still existed until its destruction along with other Iron Man suit and armors showcased in the Hall of Armor.

Iron Man Suit Mark XLIII

iron man suit 9
Mark XLIII (Source: Internet)

The Mark XLIII, or Mark 43, was the main Iron Man suit in Avengers Age of Ultron. The armor still retained its signature red and yellow tone, along with the gold-titanium alloy which was extremely durable.

The suit still had its signature features: Super-strength, Super-defense power, Repulsors, Unibeam, Rockets and Shoulder-guns. As the upgraded version of Mark XLII, Mark XLIII also had the ability of self-assembly to Tony’s body. Like always, Mark XLIII equiped with J.A.R.V.I.S AI system, but only until Tony changed the suit’s AI to F.R.I.D.A.Y. Other fascinating implementations of the suit were the Sentry Mode which allowed the suit to protect Tony while he was near it. And also it provided the ability to see through things without obstruction.

Iron Man Suit Mark XLIV

iron man suit 10
The one suit which can beat the Hulk: Hulkbuster (Source: Internet)

Mark XLIV was an extended version of Mark XLIII; it was co-designed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as a mean to stop when Hulk went enraged. Due to that purpose, it also had the name: Hulkbuster Armor.

The armor was 24 feet in height, which was 12 feet higher than the Hulk. Also it was the heaviest armor among Iron Man suit and armors. In order to stop the Hulk, this armor required power generating system which could boost its power to surpass the Hulk himself. It also had super-durability which designed to withstand the Hulk’s assault. Besides the super-strength and super-durability to withstand the Hulk, Hulkbuster still had other standards weaponry, like the Repulsors, Unibeam, and Rockets. It even had Micro-punching Repeater system which expected to take down the Hulk.

In order to assemble Hulkbuster, its parts were stored in a satellite storage system called Veronica. Once activated, the Hulkbuster parts would assemble themselves and build-in with the Mark XLIII, resulting in Mark XLIV, a.k.a the Hulkbuster.

And that’s it folk! Those are the list of Iron Man suit and armors in the movie! More Iron Man suit and armors will be updated in the future! For the meanwhile, stay tune for more in the future!

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