The Last Jedi’s Identity in Star Wars The Last Jedi

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And so Star Wars The Last Jedi has finally been announced with the recent teaser trailers. From what we know so far, Rey is the protagonist and there will be a fierce battle with the First Order. However, putting all that aside, what piques our interest is the identity of the Last Jedi. So who is the Last Jedi anyway? What is his/her purpose? Of course soon we will know when the movie’s release. But since we have to wait until December, let’s share some speculations.

The Last Jedi: a single mighty soldier, or a group of proud warriors?

the last jedi 1
Rian Johnson (Source: Internet)

Since Star Wars The Last Jedi’s trailers release, many people have been wondering about the Last Jedi’s number part. Whether it is a single Jedi? Or it is a group of Jedi warriors? This question is pretty impossible to answer if we just base on the trailer. And possibly we can wait until the movie finally comes out. Luckily, with the recent Good Morning America’s interview with Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars The Last Jedi, we now have some clues.

In the interview, Rian Johnson expressed that he didn’t expect this matter could cause a great concern among fans. He also implied that the last jedi is a single person, leaving us many potential speculations.

The Last Jedi’s Identity Speculation:

Luke Skywalker

the last jedi 2
Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Master (Source: Internet)

Luke Skywalker is the famous Master Jedi who played a vital role in the battle against the Galactic Empire. During Yoda’s final moment, he said that Luke is the last surviving Jedi and he had the responsibility to teach others the way of Force.

So far, Luke Skywalker is one of the most possible candidates for the Last Jedi position. This is not only due to major fans’ speculation but also other hints. In the trailer, we can see Luke Skywalker with his interesting line: “It’s time for the Jedi to end”. On Twitter, the official Star Wars Twitter announced the release date of Star Wars The Last Jedi with the quote: “STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga”. Also, in the interview, Rian Johnson was asked whether Luke Skywalker is the Last Jedi or not. And he answered that Luke will discover the last Jedi Temple and he IS indeed the Last Jedi. However, the way he answered looks not really committing so this information only seems valid for now.

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Back to the theory itself, the possibility of Luke Skywalker as the Last Jedi is high. Even if we base on his background alone, his father, Anakin Skywalker slew many Jedi, leaving Luke the only known Jedi. If so, we will possibly see a new Luke Skywalker who will join the Dark Side according to his line in the trailer.

As possible it might be, there’s still a chance that they intentionally avert our attention away from the true character.


the last jedi 3
Rey, the Force prodigy (Source: Internet)

Rey is the protagonist in Star Wars The Force Awakens and she is the prodigy in the Force power. Rey will also be the protagonist in this movie. Some may consider Rey not a true Jedi; however, we can see that Rey gives Luke the lightsaber implying that Luke will be her Jedi mentor.

In addition, some think that Rey is related to Luke and Anakin Skywalker somehow due to her origins being similar to them. Also, both interview with Rian Johnson and the trailer mention that Rey’s parents identity will be further revealed. For such a girl who has so many mysteries and potentials, she could be potentially the Last Jedi. Especially when we consider the first possibility, With Luke as the Last Jedi throughout the movie, Rey can become the Last Jedi at the end of the movie.


the last jedi 4
Princess Leia, the Resistance General (Source: Internet)

Leia is the princess of Alderaan and the leader of the Resistance who fight against the First Order. Leia is also known to have the talent in the Force. Since she seems to play a vital role in the movie, the Last Jedi can also refer to her. However, with the loss of Carrie Fisher who played Leia on December, it looks unlikely that Leia is the Last Jedi.

Kylo Ren

the last jedi 5
Kylo Ren of the First Order (Source: Internet)

Kylo Ren, or originally known as Ben Solo, used to be Jedi apprentice of Luke Skywalker. But then Ben Solo ruined Luke’s plan to bring back the Jedi Order. He then joined the First Order and trained under Supreme Leader Snoke. From this point, he changed his name as Kylo Ren.

Some speculated that this movie can be the setup for Kylo Ren’s atonement. If that’s true then Kylo Ren is possibly the Last Jedi. Even so, the chance for this case is quite slim.

Of course, there are other candidates of being the Last Jedi. But for such an important role, these characters have higher chance of being in such vital position. Still, all of these are speculations, guess we will have to wait for more information until the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi on December 2017.

That’s it folk! Stay tune for more in the future!

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