The Top 10 List of Most Dangerous Harry Potter Spells

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Harry Potter has ended and left us many memorable stories and events. This vast magical world is both imaginative and also realistic, and it has tons of intriguing lore, mystical beings, and fascinating spells to learn about. And so this time we will explore some of these fascinating Harry Potter spells. However, they are not just any spells; they are the most Dangerous Harry Potter Spells. Of course, saying most dangerous Harry Potter spells doesn’t necessary mean that they are the most lethal and destructive. It also implies another purpose, such as mind control or erasing memory.

With all that explained, let’s begin!

10. Obliviate, the Forgetfulness Charm

harry potter spells 1
Hermione about to cast Obliviate (Source: Internet)

As we can guess, Obliviate’s purpose is to erase the memory of the target. It can be used to erase a particular memory, for example, the Ministry of Magic often uses this spell to remove a muggle’s memory if they see something from the magical world. Also, this spell can be used in grand scale in order to prevent major incidents.

As simple as it may sound, the spell can be extremely dangerous to the brain if it is misused. One typical example was Gilderoy Lockhart who wanted to erase Harry and Ron’s memory about the Chamber of Secret. However, his spell was backfired, eventually immensely erased Gilderoy’s memory.

There are ways to recover erased memory, and interestingly one of them is torturing. This method often used by Voldemort when he wanted to recover information from those who lost memory.

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At first, this spell may not sound dangerous much, but imagine in a great scale it can cause extreme society issues. For example, it can make people forget a terrible terrorism, or to cover a shady business in grand scale.

9. Petrificus Totalus, the Full Body-Bind Curse

harry potter spells 2
Neville affected by Petrificus Totalus (Source: Internet)

This one is quite commonly used in Harry Potter movies as it is one of the basic Harry Potter spells taught in Hogwarts. When casted, it puts the target in body-freeze state in which the victim cannot move, even an inch of his/her body. However, it doesn’t affect the victim’s senses.

This spell is also commonly mistaken by Petrification. While Petrificus Totalus only stops body’s movement, Petrification freezes the entire body and senses. It is comparable to the state of turning to stone caused by Gorgon or Basilisk. So far, the best way to lift Petrification is to use a potion made from Mandrake roots.

Petrificus Totalus isn’t exactly dangerous as Petrification and many other spells. However, its application can be quite cruel, like imagining we are being tortured while unable to move. Or when we’re witnessing a terrible crime but we can’t stop it.

8. Stupefy, the Stunning Spell

harry potter spells 3
A successful Stupefy hit (Source: Internet)

Besides Petrificus Totalus, Stupefy is another common spell practiced throughout Harry Potter movies. When casted, it knocks down the target, leaving him/her unconscious. Its effect also becomes more powerful if multiple Stupefy casted upon the same target. It is unclear whether multiple Stupefy can become deadly, but surely it will severely knock off the target and the target will even need to be hospitalized.

There are many ways to counter Stupefy, and one of them is to use Shield Charm which can deflect the spell.

7. Diffindo, the Severing Charm

harry potter spells 4
Diffindo in Harry Potter LEGO (Source: Internet)

A kitchen knife is mostly used for preparing food at best; however, a homicidal maniac can use it to seriously injure, and even kill people. Diffindo is also quite similar to it.

When casted, Diffindo will cause a precise, clean cut upon the contact area. It was invented by Delfina Crimp as a tool to cut clothes and thread more easily. And just like a kitchen knife, Diffindo can become seriously dangerous as it can easily cut living target, like animals and human.

6. Confringo, the Blasting Curse

harry potter spells 5
Confringo blast (Source: Internet)

Fire energy is commonly described as life energy itself in various entertainment media. But besides that, it is extremely lethal when needed. Confringo is such a spell which can causes extreme fire explosion upon the contact area. The spell can become more powerful if used by powerful wizards.

5. Sectumsempra

harry potter spells 6
Malfoy being hit by Sectumsempra (Source: Internet)

Professor Severus Snape was always a mysterious and gloomy figure at the first few movies. Later on, it was revealed that he is the Half-Blood Prince. He’s also the inventor of Sectumsempra, a deadly spell used by Harry during his duel with Malfoy.

Simply put, Sectumsempra is a more dangerous version of Diffindo. The big difference is: Sectumsempra’s purpose is to injure people. When used, it deeply cuts into victim’s body, causing heavy blood loss which can lead to death if not treated quickly. In addition, any body part severed by Sectumsempra won’t be able to recover. Originally Snape created this spell to defend him against the Marauders (*), eventually became Snape’s signature spell (though we didn’t see him use it much).

The wounds caused by Sectumsempra can be partly healed by using healing spells such as Vulnera Sanentur. However, further treatment is still needed in order to fully heal the wounds.

* Marauders is a group of four Gryffindor students including: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter who tend to cause trouble.

4. Fiendfyre

harry potter spells 7
A giant Fiendpyre snake (Source: Internet)

What can be more dangerous than being hit by a fire explosion? The answer is a gigantic fire monster which can pursue us to our doom; Fiendfyre is such a spell. When casted, it creates a “living fire” creature which will hunt down the target on its own. This “fire creature” can be anything, from giant snake to gigantic chimera or dragon, depends on the user’s power and imagination. In few cases, the spell can create a sentient fire creature which can seek to burn all living things on its path. The fire exuded from the Fiendfyre is so powerful that water and even enchanted water can’t extinguish this ravaging flame.

Due to its tremendous power, the spell is extremely difficult to control when unleashed. Wizards who aren’t familiar with this spell can still create a fire creature, but they won’t be able to control it. Therefore, careful consideration is a must before unleashing this dangerous spell. Those who are more powerful and have more experience can have more control over the spell. The most notable case of wizards who can control Fiendfyre is Voldemort.

3. Imperio, the Imperius Curse

harry potter spells 8
Victor controlled by Imperio (Source: Internet)

Since this is the list of the most dangerous Harry Potter spells, we can’t simply forget the three Unforgivable Curses, which are also the most dangerous spells in Harry Potter Universe.

The first one we have is Imperio, a curse which can control other people. When casted, it throws people into a dreamy state in which they feel like being “free”, “escape from all kinds of responsibility”. Afterwards, these victims will do everything ordered by the curse user. The victims are even ready to do the most terrible crimes (like homicide) without feeling remorse. One example of Imperio’s victims was Viktor Krum who was cursed by Barty Crouch Jr. If not for Harry’s intervention by using Stupefy on Viktor, Viktor would have used Crucio on Cedric.

So far, the only way to stop Imperio is to have an unbending will of steel. People who succeeded in stopping this curse are few, including Harry Potter.

2. Crucio, the Cruciatus Curse

harry potter spells 9
Harry being tortured by Voldemort (Source: Internet)

Coming in second place, we have Crucio, a totally suitable tool for torturing. When casted, Crucio causes imminent pain to the target, making them suffer in a long and painful torture. According to Bellatrix Lestrange, in order to successfully cast this spell, the user must have a strong desire and feeling of inflicting pain to the others.

One of the typical victims from this curse was Harry Potter himself. He described the pain from Crucio was like having his bone burning wildly and his head being cracked open.

Although this curse isn’t the deadliest among Harry Potter spells, it can be arguably the cruelest curse in the Harry Potter Universe due to its long lasting and extremely painful effect.

1. Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse

harry potter spells 10
Voldemort casting Avada Kedavra (Source: Internet)

And here we are, the final deadliest Harry Potter spell and also the most used Unforgivable Curse by Voldemort and the Death Eaters. The Killing Curse, just like what its name implies, is a curse which can kill a person instantly without feeling anything. When casted, the user’s wand launches a magical bolt which will instantly kill the target.

Based on what we can see from the movie series, it seems that this curse doesn’t do anything to the target’s body. Instead, it extracts the target’s soul – the very essence of every living being, leaving the body behind without soul. Despite its destructive capability, this curse isn’t necessary the cruelest among Harry Potter spells. It quickly delivers death to the target without feeling anything; therefore, at least the target will die without enduring pain for a long period. That said, it is still worthy to be the most dangerous among Harry Potter spells since it kills people so quickly. Just imagine if this spell falls into a homicidal maniac (like… Joker in DC Universe?), there will be no living man in this world.

And that’s it folk! Those are the top 10 most dangerous Harry Potter spells! For the meanwhile, stay tune for more news in the future!

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