Attack on Titan Titans: What are these Man-Eating Nightmares?

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According to the Greek Mythology, Titan Gods, or Titaness, are the second generation of divine beings. They are sentient beings with knowledge surpasses humankind. However in Attack on Titan titans are mindless, giant creatures which seek human flesh. Their terrifying existence has caused terror to the people inside the Walls for hundreds of years. But the big question is: what exactly are they? Where did they come from? Luckily, those questions now finally have partial answer, and this time let’s round up what we finally understand so far about these man-eating creatures.

* Note: The information shared here mostly come from manga version.


Attack on Titan titans: the Bane of Man

When we first saw these titans, our most basic reaction would be scared and trying to run away. That’s normal reaction when people face imminent dangers. In Attack on Titan, people did the same, except for the fact that they built the Walls to prevent the titans from coming.

   Titan’s Physical Traits

attack on titan titans
Titans from all types of height marching into the city (Source: Internet)

These titans are huge and various in height types: some small titans are 5-meter height, while many medium-size titans are 7-meter height. Then there are huge titans which can reach 15-meter height. The biggest and also the highest known titan to date is the Colossal Titan which is 60-meter height – much higher than the Walls.

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The titans have the same body feature as human, except for their lack of genitals and their disproportionate body parts. They also have regeneration ability which helps them recover their severed body parts. In addition, their physical strength is quite immense as they can destroy human’s buildings at ease. Their grip power is quite strong and apparently the most effective way to escape titan’s grasp is to use the blade to cut its hand. On the other hand, the titan’ body parts are quite light; its weigh is almost like zero despite their high strength.

So far, the only way to kill these titans once and for all is to cut their nape point. By cutting the nape, the titans will immediately die; otherwise they will just keep coming and regenerating.

   Titan’s Characteristics

attack on titan titans 2
A fate of a pool man about to be eaten by titan (Source: Internet)

No one knew these titans’ origin, except for the fact that they prefer eating human only, and they are pretty “stupid”. Despite their thirst for human flesh, they don’t digest human but instead they just vomit the dead bodies.

Other living species can peacefully live without fear by these titans, but human will quickly be a target as soon as a titan spots him/her. During the first few episodes of Attack on Titan Season 1, we know that these titans will react wildly when they see human. They may look slow but they are surely reckless in chasing and ravaging human’s town and city, just to get their hand on the prey. Once they lock on their target, they will solely try to eat that target and ignore everything else, including the people flying around to kill them.

Interestingly, these titans only become active at day, and they are extremely passive at night. This was discovered by Hange Zoe through her experiment with the two captured titans named Sonny and Bean.

   Titan’s Types

attack on titan titans 3
An abnormal titan which moves on both legs and arms in fast speed (Source: Internet)

So far there are three titans type known to date:

  • Pure Titans: These are the most common Attack on Titan titans throughout the series. They possess all of the characteristics we discuss above. In the recent manga chapters, it is revealed that these titans transformed from normal human and used for military purpose.
  • Abnormal Titans: They are just like Pure Titans but with little twist: They possess unusual movement and higher intelligence than the Pure Titans. It seems these titans have more specific choice of target; they can deal more serious damage than Pure Titans. Otherwise, their other characteristics are still just like Pure Titans.
  • Titan Shifters: These titans are absolutely unlike Pure or Abnormal Titans; they are human with the power to transform into titans at will. Even in titan form, they still preserve their human mind and senses and they have full control over their titan body. The first typical case of Titan Shifters is Eren who can transform and control his titan at will. Later on, we know that each Titan Shifters possess the power of original titans who founded the world. The titan Eren possesses is the Attack Titan.

* Besides these three titan types, there is another Wall Titans living inside the Walls. They are the material to create the three high Walls and they’re weakened due to extreme lack of sunlight. However, it’s unclear whether they are in different titan type, or they are one of the three titan types above.

Attack on Titan titans Origin

attack on titan titans 4
Marley’s version of the Eldian (Source: Internet)

According to the manga, the titans are creatures existed about 2000 years ago. In the Marley’s version of titan origin, it said that 1800 years ago there was a royal queen of the ancient Fritz family named Ymir Fritz. She made a pact with the demon to gain the power of the titan. After she was dead, her souls divided into 9 titans, which were also the founding titans who founded the empire of Eldia. The mighty kingdom of Eldia mercilessly invaded other countries, including Marley.

However, from time to time the Eldia was in a civil war, and this was perfect opportunity for other countries to unite and take the power of founding titans. Ultimately, the kingdom of Eldia was fallen, 7 out of 9 founding titans have been in the possession of Marley while King Fritz took the remaining 2 titans and fled to the Island of Paradis. Here he built 3 Walls in order to stay away from the war, and founded the country we now know today.

On the other hand, the records of ancient Eldia told a totally different story, in which the Eldia didn’t raise any war. With the titan power, queen Ymir helped humankind to develop and flourish. That said, there is more information which hasn’t been deciphered from the ancient documents. Nonetheless, it seems the titan origin version of Marley is greatly made up in order to hide the truth.

   How to create Attack on Titan titans?

For now, there are two ways to create a titan:

  • Injecting titan’s spinal serum into a normal human. After a period, the injected person will become a Pure Titan or Abnormal Titan. In the recent manga chapters, we can see that Marley usually use this method to exile people into the land of Paradis. They also use this method as a cheap way for war.
  • Letting a Pure or Abnormal Titan eats a Titan Shifter: this practice was first seen when Grisha Yeager stole the power of the Founding Titan. He let his son transformed into a titan and ate him, resulting Eren becoming a Titan Shifter with the power of both Attack Titan and Founding Titan. Another recent practice is in the recent manga chapters which involving in Armin eating Bertolt to gain the power of Colossal Titan.

The 9 Attack on Titan Founding Titans

When Queen Ymir Fritz died, she passed on her titan power to 9 Founding Titans. Each has its own power and characteristic, also the host of a Founding Titan can gain the knowledge and memory of the old hosts. For example, in recent manga chapters, Eren can remember the memory from his father and the previous Attack Titan owner: Eren Kruger. As powerful as they can be, all hosts of Founding Titans will suffer the Curse of Ymir which let them live in only 13 more years.

The 9 known Founding Titans to date are:

   Founding Titan

attack on titan titans 5
The Founding Titan illustrated by the Eldian resistant force in Marley (Source: Internet)

According to the illustration, Founding Titan Ymir Fritz had the appearance of giant woman with long, golden hair. According to ancient Eldian records, Ymir Fritz used the Founding Titan power to helped developing the humankind.

When she died, she passed on her Founding Titan along with other 8 titans. In the manga, it revealed that King Fritz fled to Paradis Island to avoid the war. That royal family later on changed to Reiss family and they keep holding the tradition of passing the Founding Titan to their descendents. Currently, Eren holds the power of Founding Titan but he can’t unleash that power at will. It requires him to stay near a royal Eldian-blood member to unleash Founding Titan’s power.

For now, the only power we know about Founding Titan is the power to control other titans.

   Attack Titan

attack on titan titans 6
Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan form (Source: Internet)

Eren Kruger once described Attack Titan as a titan which “kept marching toward its goal and freedom”. Attack Titan possesses a quite muscular and fitting body form. It seems to be balance in strength, speed, and agility. This titan is also adept in performing human’s martial art, as shown by Eren Yeager who could easily perform martial art when he’s in titan form.

Later on, Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan also gains the power of skin hardening by injecting Armored Titan serum.

   Colossal Titan

attack on titan titans 7
Colossal Titan breaching the Wall (Source: Internet)

This is the very first titan we saw at the beginning of Attack on Titan. This titan is enormous in size with 60-meter height, which easily surpasses the Walls. It has immense physical power and also, it exudes extreme heat which will burn everyone who tries to approach near it. This Colossal Titan who destroyed the Wall Maria was Bertolt Hoover. Later on in the recent manga chapters, he was eaten by titan Armin; hence Armin gained the Colossal Titan power.

   Armored Titan

attack on titan titans 8
Armored Titan illustrated in game (Source: Internet)

This Titan has been in possession of Reiner Braum even now; however, it is unclear who will be the next chosen for Armored Titan power. The Armored Titan has the similar body build like Attack Titan, except that its body is covered in hardened skin like armor. Therefore, it is hard to damage Armored Titan’s body, and so the most viable way to damage it is to focus on the joints which have no armor.

   Female Titan

attack on titan titans 9
Imminent death coming from the Female Titan (Source: Internet)

So far the only Female Titan we know is Annie Lionheart, her Female Titan form is 14-meter height and has quite an agile and fast body. When Annie becomes her titan form, she can easily perform martial art even better than Eren. In addition, she can generate crystalized skin which is extremely hardened, allowing her to fortify her chosen body part.

Female Titan also seems to have the ability to call other titans to attack her like in case of Annie who called titans to eat her titan body.

   Beast Titan

attack on titan titans 10
Zeke Yeager in Beast Titan form (Source: Internet)

Unlike most other titans, Beast Titan possesses an appearance similar to an ape. The power is currently in possession of Zeke Yeager; however, he can only live one more year and he will need to pass it on other successor.

So far, Zeke Yeager/Beast Titan is the only one who can talk normally while in titan form. Beast Titan has a disproportionate body with huge body and thin arms and legs. However, his arm power is immense as he can throw rocks like cannon from far away. It is unclear how strong Beast Titan is, but we can sure that he is even stronger than many Founding Titans as he can defeat Reiner while both are in titan form.

   Jaw Titan

attack on titan titans 11
Galliard as Jaw Titan on the battlefield (Source: Internet)

Compared to most other Founding Titans, Jaw Titan has a rather smaller size. In case of Ymir, her titan form was only 5-meter height. However, her titan form is extremely agile, allowing her to perform acrobat and climbing rather easily. Her body is also disproportionate as her head is pretty big compared to the rest of her body, suggesting that her jaw is quite strong with sharp teeth.

On the other hand, Jaw Titan next successor, Galliard, has bigger body build with cog-like jaw. Also, just like Ymir, Galliard’s Jaw Titan adepts in agility and speed, allowing him to quickly move on the battlefield. The difference is his titan fingers have hardened skin plating, while Ymir does not.

   Cartman Titan

attack on titan titans 12
Armored Cartman Titan on the battlefield (Source: Internet)

It is unclear about the name of this titan, but for now, we call her as “Cartman” based on her appearance so far. Currently, Cartman Titan is under possession of Pieck, a female soldier of Marley who often seen working as a supporter for Zeke.

Cartman Titan, like Jaw Titan, has a small body build with 4-meter height. This titan mostly moves on both 2 legs and 2 hands, and it has incredibly fast speed. This speed allowed Cartman to rescue Zeke after his defeat by Captain Levi. In the recent manga chapters, Pieck made her appearance as an armored Cartman with heavy artillery on her back.

In addition, just like Zeke, Pieck can talk normally while in her titan form.

So far, those are the only 8 revealed Founding Titans, the last Founding Titan are waiting to be seen. And so that’s it folk! Stay tune for more news in the future!

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